Aton Engineering was founded by Nick Williamson to continue the 30 years of manufacture and supply of Thermocell systems as well as, aluminum welding, fabrication of solar frames, repairs to solar water heating panels, and other light engineering. We also specialise in vintage motorcycle parts refurbishment and small parts sandblasting and coating. 


Thermocell ran as a family firm until 2008 when it became part of a joint venture with Solarcity NZ and then later it was absorbed entirely, focusing solely on solar water heating products. In 2014 Solarcity decided to move away from manufacturing and N J Williamson, son of the founder and with 25 years in the company, bought the workshop and plant, and continued to manufacture Thermocell systems for them. In Late 2016 Solarcity withdrew from the solar heating market to concentrate on its growing domestic PV interests and licensed the Thermocell products to N J Williamson